• Winner of the Swedish Storytel Awards - THE END by Mats Strandberg (2020.06.13)
  • Dear friends,

    It’s our big pleasure to announce that Mats Strandberg’s pre apocalyptic YA novel THE END is the winner of The Storytel Awards in the category BEST YA. The book about the young adults who know exactly when a comet is going to hit the earth, trying to accept the fact that they are all going to die, has moved and entertained thousands of readers.

    Jury motivation

    “An engaging, deeply philosophical story that in a believable way asks the listener the big existential question: Who are you when disaster strikes? The audio book narrators bring about sensitive, heartfelt and with intense presence the vulnerability of the young protagonists' situation and make the audiobook an experience in its own right.”


    Mats Strandberg

    You are 17 years old. It is summer, and everything looks the same as usual. But everyone knows what’s coming. In little more than a month, a comet is crashing into earth and we will all be gone.

    How do you want to spend the last weeks?

    What do you want to say to the ones you love?

    How does it feel to know the exact date and time of your death?

    And if we are all dying, what does one life more or less matter?

    Swedish addition to the IBBY Honour list 2020

    US launch fall 2020

    TV-series in development by Yellowbird Film, Los Angeles


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